Pay per Use

Revolution IT is the leading HP SaaS partner in Asia Pacific and the only partner with an HP Elite partner status. In collaboration with HP, we have expanded on the existing HP SaaS offering to develop RevFlex Pay-Per-Use (PPU). This offer provides on demand access to HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software with the flexibility to consume licenses on a daily basis without commiting to a large number of licenses in advance. It is flexible and allows you to scale with project demands.


Flexibility to scale up or down

A unique aspect in the RevFlex ALM PPU model is the ability to scale your licensing as needed. Our model provide access to unlimited licenses in which you only pay for what you use beyond a small number of base licenses.

How does it work?

RevFlex PPU requires a base number of licenses to be active at all times (minimum 5 users for 3 months). These are your base licenses. During busy periods, when the number of concurrent users logged to HP ALM extends beyond the base number of licenses, you are utilising user day licenses. The user days consumed within a day is the maximum number of concurrent users logged in at any given time of the day. User days are invoiced on a monthly basis for the prior month usage.

In the middle of each month of your contract, Revolution IT will email you a summary of the licenses used from the 1st to the 14th of that month. This is to assist you in keeping track of your current licence usage. You will receive your monthly invoice by the 7th of the following month, together with a report indicating the number of licenses utilised each day for the month. In short, your base licenses are paid at the beginning of your contract. Additional licenses consumed on top of your base are charged on monthly basis.

You will have access to monitor your license usage and concurrent connections using the Administration area of ALM.

Contact Revolution IT for additional information of RevFlex Pay-per-Use by phone +61 3 96002566 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.