RevFlex in a nutshell


RevFlex provides low cost, on demand access to HP BTO software (HP Quality Center, HP Application Lifecycle Management, HP Performance Center and more). With RevFlex, your teams can easily obtain access to the tools, support, templates and best practices.

Revolution IT has partnered with Hewlett Packard to provide a hosted environment with the latest BTO software solutions. The pricing model is flexible and allows immediate access on a 'pay as you go' basis in monthly increments.

RevFlex is administered and supported by Revolution IT, and includes the standard HP Service Level Agreements and controls around data centre security and operations.

Revolution IT provides first line support (9am to 5pm) as well as access to our Intellectual Property (IP) to help accelerate and optimise the use of the tools through process, methodologies and frameworks.

Get exclusive access to Intellectual Property (IP)

Register to RevFlex to obtain access to IP offered exclusively through our portal. Learn how to take the HP tools on SaaS to new levels by leveraging templates and how-to documents created by experts with years of experience in multiple industries.

My RevFlex

My RevFlex is a customised page we prepared for you with the following content:

Upon registration, your teams gain access to customised content prepared by our Techical Support group. Our senior consultants will post technical tips and best practice advice in your Tips and Tricks area, available exclusively to registered users.

With My RevFlex, users provide feedback to our support group so we ensure the content displayed is always fresh and relevant to your ongoing projects and initiatives. Tell us more about the current challenges your teams are facing and we will post best tips and best practive advice suitable to your team needs.