Agile projects with ALM

HP ALM and Quality Center for Agile projects

HP ALM can be used for projects following a Waterfall methodoloygy or iterative models such as Agile practices. Many organizations run projects in parallel that follow different methodologies. Management requires seamless reports to cover all projects regardlesss of the process followed. With RevFlex, you can use the same platform for all projects and produce comprehensive reports across the portfolio.

How can I use RevFlex ALM for my Agile projects?

RevFlex provides our customers with HP ALM/Quality Center templates designed to support Agile practices. Cutomisations and configuration have been applied, enabling your Agile teams to leverage the built-in framewok and reports.
The template allows you to manage different aspects of Agile projects including:

Agile templates are provided exclusively to RevFlex customers. Easy to use documentation is available to ensure your teams benefit from all the features offered.

Please contat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to try the ALM Agile template in one of our test environments or organize for it to be deployed in your environment. Our team of experts can run a workshop for your teams to demonstrate the use of the template in an Agile project.