Revolution IT is committed to providing you with the knowledge and skills to ensure project success. We understand the industry needs and have chosen to offer a range of quality training courses in the areas that we specialise.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, our training courses allow you to expand your knowledge of the products and train you to use the tools effectively.

Small classes allow plenty of individual assistance from our experienced and qualified trainers. Our trainers are also experts in their field bringing plenty of real-world experience to the classroom.

Train your teams in one hour

An exciting new offer available exclusively to our RevFlex customers. The offer is ideal for teams that have been using the products and require some assistance in specific areas of the tools.

Revolution IT provides an extensive list of topics that can be covered in as little as one hour. The content of the training sessions can be customised to suit your teams needs, providing maximum value in short periods of time. Users can benefit from improving their knowledge in the products and ensure tools are used to their full potential without interfering with the busy schedules of their projects and day to day activities.

Visit the Train your teams in an hour page for additional information.

Register to RevFlex to obtain access to IP offered exclusively through our portal. Learn how to take the HP tools on SaaS to new levels by leveraging templates and how-to documents created by experts with years of experience in multiple industries.

Templates and User guides

In order to ramp up projects with minimal effort whilst ensuring best practices are followed, RevFlex provides templates for projects (Quality Center and Application Lifecycle Management) and related documentation.

Our HP Qualiy Center and Application Lifecycle Management templates were designed to allow teams working with different software development methodologies to leverage existing frameworks and tools related process developed by expert consultants. Our project templates enable teams to work with QC/ALM with the following methodologies:

Waterfall - using a classic V-Model method. Includes folder strucuture, release and cycle management, user groups and customised acces levels, customised entities and relevant Waterfall reports.

Agile - follows the Scrum methodolody. Includes story management, points calculation method, release and iteration management, backlog prioritisation and specific Agile reports such as iteration burndwon. Learn more on the ALM Agile template.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to view a demo of the templates or to start using them in your environment.

Additional Training at Revolution IT

Please visit Revolution IT's Training site to view our full catalogue of courses, view current schedule and register to participate in a course.